[Advaita-l] dakSiNAmUrti stOtra from sUta saMhita

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jun 13 10:25:14 CDT 2012

sUta saMhita says:
tathApi yO(a)MshO mArgANAM vEdEna na virudhyatE
sO(a)MshAH pramANaMiti uktaM kESAMchidadhikAriNAM
Rough Translation:
The pramANAs of the shAstra can only be taken so long as they are *vEda viruddhA*. 
So, tantra can be accepted so long as they are in line with the shruti pratipAdya siddhAnta.
tAntrikANAmahaM dEvi na labhyO(a)vyavadhAnataH
labhyO vEdaikaniSTAnAM ahaM avyavadhAnataH
Rough translation:
I cannot be comprehended so easily for those who follow the tantra mArga consisting of 
karma kANDa.  I can only be reached by those who have attained chitta shuddhi by following vEdOkta karma kANDa and upAsana as prescribed in upaniSads.  Thus, those 
who attain chitta shuddhi by following the vEdOkta rituals, I make myself available to them in the form of their own self which is *Atma jnAna*.  
Thus, those who doesn't follow the upaniSad-pratipAdya-Atmavidya and take up the  tAntrika rituals, *Atma tattva* is impossible to attain. 
BTW, i can also answer several of your unanswered questions which you posed long back regarding the sharabha but i don't want to enter into long discussions which spin off several unwanted threads.  Shri Vidyaranya in V.Panchadasi had answered to that question that the sAtvika mantras which are the pointers towards *nirguNa upAsana* should only be accepted for AtmOddharaNa.  And nrisimha anuSTup mantra is a pointer towards the nirguNa vidya.
Hope it is clear..
Dear Bhaskarji,
Thank you for pointing the typographical error.
namO namaH shrIgurupAdukAbhyAM....

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