[Advaita-l] Real vs. Unreal

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The Jnani's do not perceive World as separate than Brahman. They perceive
Brahman itself in all objects. Isha Up says "Yastu sarva bhutani atmanyeva
anupashyati". A Jnani perceives all objects as his very Self and his Self
in all objects.

About the example of Shivering, you are stretching the example beyond its
scope. The example only meant, even after the perception of snake is
removed by perception of rope, the shivering lingers. Similarly, even after
removal of Avidya and attainment of Jnana, a trace of Avidya-Avidya Lesha
in the form of Prarabda Karma remains.So, the example is only meant to
point out through anecdote the lingering of trace of Avidya. Whether
sustratum mind is destroyed or not is not issue. Even if it is considered
an issue, even then, Brahman who is substratum of whole Jagat exist.

 This has been stated clearly even by Badarayana who says, the dawn of
Jnana leads to destruction of past and future karmas but the Prarabda


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> On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 8:51 AM, Nithin Sridhar <sridhar.nithin at gmail.com
> >wrote:
> > I understand the practical need for sastras and teacher but question
> > > the logical possibility of these. prArabdha karmA, avidyA-leSa, the
> > > remnant vAsana or saMskAra or IshwarAnugraha are all only possible in
> the
> > > realm of avidyA. I ask how they can exist in the absence of avidyA.
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> > This conclusion is not proper I feel.
> >
> > Just as after a tree has been uprooted, it takes sometime to wither away,
> > similarly some Jnani's exist as JivanMukta's due to Avidya-Lesha. Avidya
> > Lesha is not same as Avidya. Just as even after the mis-aprehension of a
> > snake is removed, the shivering caused due to fear lingers on for few
> > seconds, a Jnani may exist as Jivanmukta till his prarabda karma lingers.
> >
> > What is important to be noted is, All these explanations are from
> > Worldly/Vyavaharika point of view. From the standpoint of Jnani, there is
> > neither creation, nor dissolution, neither liberation nor bondage. They
> > perceive Brahman alone.
> >
> >
> RV: They dont perceive brahman alone. They perceive the world too - hence
> the question. In the case of shivering, the substratum mind is not
> destroyed. In the case of the non-existent world, the perception is due to
> ajnAnA and it has been destroyed. There is nothing to conitnue.
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