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There are two tests to check if one is jnaani or not. 

1. A jnaani is one who does not depend on something other than oneself for his happiness - since he has understood that he is ananda swaruupa. This is a litmus test to check oneself if one is jnaani or not. It is not meant for checking if the other person is jnaani or not - since there is no way one can check that. A student should assume that his teacher is a jnaani (whether the teacher is one or not) so that he has the requisite shraddhaa to gain the knowledge - shaastrasya guruvaakyasya satya budhyaava dhaaraNaa saa shraddhaa - says in VevekachUDAmani.

2. The second test if one wants to take is given in Ch. Up in Sad vidya. For this one has to heat an iron ladle to red hot and if he touches and get burned, he has not realized. If no burning occurs then he has realized! One can this test to insure one is jnaani or not.
Obviously the implication is different. A jnaani is one who does not get burned when makes contact with the hot world. 

No jnaani will declare that he is a jnaani since it is a useless statement from the point of others as it depends on their faith in acceptance or rejection of that statement. 

Hari Om!

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>In performance of action, there is definite result that one can know such as attainment of wealth, heaven etc. In performance of bhakti, there is clear result in terms of seeing and serving bhagavan. Even in paroksha jnana, there is clear knowledge of conclusion of advaita vedanta that  can be verified by others. How can one know that one is an aparoksha jnani? After repeated manana and nidhidhyasana, one may delude oneself in to thinking I am a jnani and it is only my mind and body acting out its nature though he may have kama and krodha. Is it not?
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