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Thu Jan 23 04:26:42 CST 2014

H S Chandramouli

Dear All,

In another post, Sri Subrahmanianji wrote,

Quote  <<  In a certain
workshop the Advaitin scholar made a statement: 'In matters such as why
creation, when onwards, why jiva-s are put in samsAra, etc. all schools
have to throw their hands up in the air for no school can give any
'logical' replies to these.'  >>.

This set me thinking. Has the Shruti not addressed and answered these
questions at all or are we missing something here. In Taittariya Upanishad,
Brighu seeks the answer from Varuna as to where to find Brahman. Varuna
does not answer him directly, but tells him how to find Him. In the same
way , for the sadhaka who is seeking the answers to such questions as ' Why
creation etc " the Shruti does not answer him directly, but directs him how
he can find the answers. The answer is " Become Brahman " ( loose language
may be permitted in the interest of easier understanding ) . Once you
become the Creator yourself, you automatically have the answer. Just as the
answer to the  qustion " who am I " has to be realized personally and not
through hearsay, here also the answer has to be through personal experience
and not through hearsay , and the answer can be had right here in this
birth itself. Ofcourse this is as per Advaita.

Even " logically " this explanation is valid. In as much as anything which
is " anadi " by definition cannot be known except by the Creator, it is "
logical " that one should become the Creator to know it.  Assuming, that is
, that He atleast knows.

Thought it could  at least provide food for thought.

PS : Posted  in a lighter vein . Please forgive me if you find it flippant.
But I am sure you at least had a hearty laugh.


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