[Advaita-l] yama tarpaNa on naraka chaturdashI

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Very nicely and authoritatively stated, Sri Anand ji.  The very popular
mantra that comes to mind is 'राजाधिराजाय प्रसह्य साहिने....’ that is
chanted during deepārādhana sevā.  Here too as you pointed out, the rājan
word occurs as the final of the compound.

warm regards

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> >For raajan, should not dviteeyaa and chaturthee be raajaanam and raj~ne?
> When राजन् is the final constituent of a tatpuruSha or karmadhAraya
> compound it is declined like an अ-कारान्तः पुल्लिङ्गः शब्दः
> (रामशब्दः). For example, the nominative case (singular) for मद्राणां
> राजा (King of the Madras) becomes मद्रराजः, not मद्रराजा, accusative
> case is मद्रराजं, not मद्रराजानम्, dative case is मद्रराजाय, not
> मद्रराज्ञे, etc.  The same rule also holds for the words अहन् (day)and
> सखि (friend). Hence, we have कृष्णसखः, वायुसखः, not कृष्णसखा, वायुसखा,
> etc. The relevant Panini sUtra  is राजाह: सखिभ्यष्टच् (5.4.91).
> Anand
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