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> In other veda shakas, we have Sringeri Paatha, Kanchi Paatha, Thanjavur 
> Paatha, Kashi Paatha etc. Each referring to styles of chanting (same 
> swaras & aksharas)
> What about Atharva Veda? Do we have similar Paatha bhedas? Or is it the 
> same all over the country?

There are two shakhas of Atharvaveda still extant Shaunaka (in Gujarat) 
and Paippalada (in Orrissa.)  So it is not quite the same situation as 
they are two separate shakhas and each is relatively small and 
geographically concentrated.

> Also, there has been a lot of efforts from Kanchi Mutt to rejenuvate 
> atharva veda shakas, so does kanchi mutt have its own style of chanting 
> or is it a borrowed one?

They went to Gujarat and learned the traditions there as the Atharvavedic 
sampradaya is in a better state of preservation.  You should definitely 
read Animesh's blog.  There is much more information there.

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