[Advaita-l] Today Bhagavan Ramanuja Jayanti too

Keshava PRASAD Halemane k_prasad_h at yahoo.co.in
Sat Apr 25 02:21:49 CDT 2015

My Dear H S Chandramouli ji 
Thank you for bring up some points for clarification. 
In response, let me pose the following analogy: What is the locus of a pratibimba/reflection - is it the darpaNa/reflecting-medium  or is it the  bimba/object-being-reflected  ? All these three may be insentient, or at least the first two, right ? However, all these three are perceived by the perceiver who is quite separate/different from these three.  So the  sentient/insentient  question is not directly relevant in this context of understanding the locus. The antahkaraNa can be the instrument (like the darpaNa) that a jIva needs to use in order to perceive the pratibimba/reflection as one's vRttijnaana of an object of knowledge. By the way, the locus need not necessarily be referring to the 'cause' - that is yet another question, right ? Even when we talk of the 'cause' one has to somewhat careful; it is quite usual to encounter situations wherein a set of multiple causes together may result in an effect, just as in other situations wherein a single cause may lead to a set of multiple effects, etc. In the above bimba-pratibimba example, the cause for pratibimba can be considered to be an appropriate juxtaposition of the object and the reflecting medium; right ? 
BTW: As a counter-question, in order to enable me to respond better, allow me to seek a better understanding of what exactly you mean by one being sentient or otherwise - may be in the form of a 'definition' or otherwise. This kind of interaction can go on and on . . . for ever . . . Instead, it would help if you may kindly spell out the inconsistencies that you perceived there - as per your understanding of the terms used there; may be clarifying those specific definitions that you used in interpreting those statements; explaining those specific possible scenarios wherein there may be inconsistencies if at any; etc. May be surely, it is worth the exercise, to think through all such and such details. 
praNaamsKeshava Prasad Halemane

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