[Advaita-l] Weather vedas are considered as false in ultimate reality?

Harsha Bhat harsha9519 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 03:04:48 CDT 2015

Namaste Shiv Sir,

                                            In your explanation you said,
                                                       ///There the journey
of the Self in the states of waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep are
expounded. While dealing with the last, the Upanishad teaches that when a
man is embraced by prAj~na (the intelligent Self), then he does not know
anything without or within. This state is described in 4.3.22 - “Then a
father is not a father, a mother not a mother, the worlds not worlds, the
gods not gods, the Vedas not Vedas. Then a thief is not a thief, a murderer
not a murderer, a Chandala not a Chandala, a Paulkasa not a Paulkasa, a
Sramana not a Sramana, a Tapasa not a Tapasa. He is not followed by good,
not followed by evil, for he has then overcome all the sorrows of the
heart.” (Max Muller's translation) (PaulkaSa is the son of a Sudra father
and a Kshatriya mother – i.e. a result of pratiloma marriage; Sramana is a

In dreamless sleep state vedas are aveda...I also accept,But my doubt
is,weather mokha is waken up state or dream less sleep state?

Now we are in dreaming state (samsara) where there is (little)  knowledge
of vedas,When we are in deep sleep ,we are in dream less sleep  state
,where there is no knowledge of vedas....

But moksha is considered as waken up state,the vedas says in deep sleep
state there is no vedas (as said in vedaha avedhaha matra)...But in moksha
(Waken up state)...knowledge of vedas should be there.....

How do you say vedas are false in ultimately reality of waken up state.....

In dream less sleep state knowledge of vedas may not be there ,but in
moksha which is waken up state ,the knowledge of vedas should be there no?..

As when we wake up from deep sleep we have knowledge of vedas back,which
was not there in deep sleep state....

Harsha Bhat

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