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Namaste Jaladhar ji,


No all we need to do is make sure when we debate we are doing it with 
satyartha and not vitanda.


True Jaladhar Ji; but Logic is Uncertain. 

tarkO(a)pratiSTaH shrutayO vibhinnA
naikO riSayasya mataM pramANaM
dharmasya tattvaM nihitaM guhAyAM
mahAjanO yEna gataH sa panthAH

The above sloka is from yakSa-praSNa.

Logic is uncertain; the shrutis (vedas) are contradictory; 
There is not one rishi whose opinion is authoritative; truth about
dharma is hidden. That alone is the path which great men follow.

The moment we think that we have defeated our opponent
with vAda, somebody else who is more knowledgeable
than us would defeat us in vAda.  

And this is what has happened with most of the
paNDitAs in the history down the line.  shri.Bellamkonda
Ramaraya Kavi, out of hatred wrote "tucchO rAmAnujaH"
and another vaiSNava countered that same with his logical
power.  When, Sri.Ramaraya Kavi stated that he is authoring
advaita vedanta with the anugraha of his upAsya-dEvata "hayagrIva",
a vaiSNava snubbed him saying that it is the demon "hayagriva" 
who is misguiding shri.ramaraya kavi. 

And hence, bhagavAn ramana, a staunch advaitin and sage of 
modern times, assumed "mounam".  Bhagavan's teachings 
were well received by only 2 of His devotees viz., sri.muruganar 
and sri.K.Lakshmana Sarma who wrote a marvellous work called
"Maha Yoga" and didn't even bother to write his name and just
simply named it as "Who".


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