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Mon Jun 19 02:20:27 EDT 2017

On Sun, 18 Jun 2017, R Krishnamoorthy via Advaita-l wrote:

> Time is just a concept. It is like Maya. There is nothing called Maya. We
> give the name Maya to things which we are not able to fully understand or
> is beyond our logic. Time also does not exist. It is the name given to the
> duration that elapses between any two events which is measurable and fully
> recognisable. In the the Lord says I am Time to indicate He is eternal that
> is the duration of His presence is lmmeasurable. And All beings or non
> beings
> have limited duration between their birth to their death or end.

This is true.  But it isn't it strange that people are afraid of death but 
not afraid of time?  Shankaracharya brings this out in the mohamudgara 
stotra in which he admonishes an old man who is studying to vyakarana to 
"bhaje govindam".

This is another example of bad interpretations and translations.  Some 
make it out to be some sort of tirade against grammar which is ridiculous 
to anyone who knows the position vyakarana plays in Sanskrit scholarship. 
(In fact according to thinkers like Bhartrahari, it is itself a form of 
Vedantic sadhana.)  No; what the acharya is saying is that why would you 
wait until your time has almost run out to begin sadhana?  The right 
time is now.

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