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hariH Om.

*/// Time is just a concept. It is like Maya. There is nothing called Maya

Is there any pramana to suggest the above? As far as I know, shankarAchArya
mentions avidyA (for the sake of our discussion let us akin it to the
samaSTi mAyA) as having bhAva. It is a vastu enjoying existence, albeit a
dependent one. Therefore I am not too sure how we're saying there is
nothing called mAyA. As far as 'time' being just a concept, even this I
would approach with some skepticism. Space is just as real (or unreal) as
time is, in that they're both mithyA, but have a dependent vyAvahAra

If time were just a concept, it would not be influenced by anything, which
we know to be untrue. But that aside, I'm we have shAstra to indicate that
mAyA is an existing principle, as are dEsha-kAlA


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> On Sun, 18 Jun 2017, R Krishnamoorthy via Advaita-l wrote:
> Time is just a concept. It is like Maya. There is nothing called Maya. We
>> give the name Maya to things which we are not able to fully understand or
>> is beyond our logic. Time also does not exist. It is the name given to the
>> duration that elapses between any two events which is measurable and fully
>> recognisable. In the the Lord says I am Time to indicate He is eternal
>> that
>> is the duration of His presence is lmmeasurable. And All beings or non
>> beings
>> have limited duration between their birth to their death or end.
> This is true.  But it isn't it strange that people are afraid of death but
> not afraid of time?  Shankaracharya brings this out in the mohamudgara
> stotra in which he admonishes an old man who is studying to vyakarana to
> "bhaje govindam".
> This is another example of bad interpretations and translations.  Some
> make it out to be some sort of tirade against grammar which is ridiculous
> to anyone who knows the position vyakarana plays in Sanskrit scholarship.
> (In fact according to thinkers like Bhartrahari, it is itself a form of
> Vedantic sadhana.)  No; what the acharya is saying is that why would you
> wait until your time has almost run out to begin sadhana?  The right time
> is now.
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