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> hariH Om.
> */// Time is just a concept. It is like Maya. There is nothing called Maya
> ///*
> Is there any pramana to suggest the above?

In the Mandukya karika 4.58 bhashya Shankara has said:

सा च माया न विद्यते । मायेत्यविद्यमानस्याख्येत्यभिप्रायः ॥ [That Maya does
not exist. The purport is that 'māyā' is the name for that which does not

> As far as I know, shankarAchArya
> mentions avidyA (for the sake of our discussion let us akin it to the
> samaSTi mAyA) as having bhAva. It is a vastu enjoying existence, albeit a
> dependent one. Therefore I am not too sure how we're saying there is
> nothing called mAyA. As far as 'time' being just a concept, even this I
> would approach with some skepticism. Space is just as real (or unreal) as
> time is, in that they're both mithyA, but have a dependent vyAvahAra
> reality.
> If time were just a concept, it would not be influenced by anything, which
> we know to be untrue. But that aside, I'm we have shAstra to indicate that
> mAyA is an existing principle, as are dEsha-kAlA

Maya, avidya, space, time, etc. are admitted provisionally only to account
for samsara and the method for release from samsara. From the absolute
point of view these concepts have no place in Vedanta.


> Namaste,
> Prashant

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