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Hare Krishna

and become levelled water if that is the case we will have to wait for the complete levelled settlement of these waves and whenever there is no waves in ocean then only we will have to call  it as ‘water’.  That can happen only in mahApraLaya where nAma rUpa would get transformed into avyakta and become one with its kAraNa.   And ekamevAdviteeyatvaM can be attributed to brahman only after mahApraLaya where there vyAkruta nAma rUpa conspicuous by its absence!!
why so? why attribute ekamevAdviteeyatvaM  to brahman only after mahApraLaya ?
From where (which advaita texts), did you get such an understanding ?

Ø     Kindly see what I said above…I only said if you want to literally see the waveless ocean then you will have to wait till all the waves settled down (mahA praLaya).  Anyway that is not my view point and I am not advocating it.  It is the view point of dehAntara (videha) mukti vAdins It is something like deshAntara, kAlAntara, lOkAntara, avasthAdheena jnana.  Some promoters of “need of nirvikalpa samAdhi experience”  would argue that Atmaikatva jnana like when Atman becomes one and all for the jnAni,  through which instrument  he would see and he sees what ??  quoting this shruti they would argue that it is possible only when there is absolute / literal  absence of nAma rUpa which is possible only in mind inert state like nirvikalpa samAdhi which is nothing but vyavahAra abhAva jnana and not vyavahAra bAdhita jnana.

OTOH knowing the kAraNa svarUpa (water) behind kArya  even when kArya existing is the drushti of ekatva.
I see you are only stating atmaikatva jnana in another way ..

Ø   Yes, in that another way there is no abhAva of kArya (waves) to know that there is only water.

as, सर्वं च नामरूपादि सदात्मनैव सत्यं  ( sat svarUpEna satyam)

From that drushti wave’s astitva does not come to an end only svatantra astitva of wave apart from water would get sublated (bAdhita).  One big wave knows that it is nothing but water and it also knows that other waves too nothing but water and all waves have the base as water and nothing else.

Yes, Brahman alone eternally IS ..

When the biggest wave (paramAtma who is instructing) instructs  bigger wave (special jnAni-s) to guide small waves (ordinary jnAni-jeeva-s) to know their svarUpa water, the water would remain same as water only despite the existence of big, bigger and biggest waves.

So, you have clarified your own earlier statement of difference ..as there is no difference in paramArtha jnAna or paramArtha svarUpa, any differences admitted only in the upAdhis ..and such differences are verily vyavahAtmaka ..

Ø   Point to be noted here is existence of ekatva water despite the various lengths of waves.  And inspite of knowing that there is only water by certain waves they would still see some other waves which are lacking this knowledge and wait for the supreme wave for the instruction to educate the waves lacking this knowledge.  That means what ?? There is  existence for :

Ø   (a) paramAtma, (b) specially abled jnAni-s, (c) not so specially abled jnAni-s but realized ones who shed their wave forms permanently and become water  and (d)  finally there are still some waves those need to be realized that they are nothing but water.  In short, jnAni-s like apAntaratama-s, even after mukti pradhAna jnana,   are not same as ordinary jnAni-s because whenever they want or whenever they have been instructed by supreme force they can again assume the form of wave by dragging their ‘own’ prArabdha karma phala.  Hope you would see my point of contention here.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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