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Namaste Sri Sriram ji,

I have not read Brahmasutra, so my study is incomplete. Hence I cannot
comment on the quote you provided. Secondly, please be kind enough to
translate sanskrit, as unlike active members of this group, I am not a

As I have said, I am aware of this view and that in BG 4.37, even our
AchArya Adi Sankara bhagavapAda has also said the same that prArabhdha
extinguishes with passage of time even after Self Realization.

However, the same AchArya in his prakaraNa grantha aparokshAnubhUti 89-99
says that prArabhdha is still in force only for satisfaction of doubt of

97. The body also being within the phenomenal world (and therefore unreal),
how could Prarabdha exist ? It is, therefore, for the understanding of the
ignorant alone that the Shruti speaks of Prarabdha.

Source: http://www.sankaracharya.org/aparokshanubhuti.php

Upon seeing a GYAnI suffering from illness, one may naturally doubts why
this could happen to a GYAnI. Hence in order to explain this divine play, a
logical answer is given that prArabhdha stays until body stay. It
extinguishes after physical body is quit by GYAnI. in this sense even the
jIva hood or individuality will remain isn't it. Body suffers but GYAnI
does not. Body is already dead and jivahood is destroyed, in this case, who
experiences prArabhdha? When a person cannot bear the pain and collapses
like Swami Chinmaya had a stroke and had to admitted to hospital, who
experienced this pain and who gave signal to brain to trigger fainting of
body, which is a kind of defense mechanism? If there is no sufferer, then
how releases prArabhdha part by part, gradually until it gets exhausted?

Sriram ji, I understand that you, after studying scriptures, have come to a
conclusion that prAprabhdha remains is what scriptures say, are there any
verses that say something similar to aparokshAnubhUti?

Thanks and Regards

​Hari ​

Sujal Upadhyay

"To disconnect from the self and to become Aware of anything else is
nothing but unhappiness" - Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi

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> Namaste,
> ..............
> Duality is retained for kalyANa of sAdhaka-s and is not due to prArabhdha
> ...............
> In विदान्तपरिभाषा, it is said:
> अत एव च 'यावदधिकारमवस्थितिराधिकारिणाम' (ब्र​.सू.३-३-३२)
> इत्यस्मिन्नधिकरणेऽधिकारिपुरुषाणामुत्पन्नतत्वज्ञानानामिन्द्रादीनां
> देहधारणानुपपत्तिमाशङ्क्याधिकारापादकप्रारब्धकर्मसमाप्त्यनन्तरं
> विदेहकैवल्यमिति सिद्धान्तितम ॥
> Even if the tattva sAkSAtkAra occurs, one doesn't attain the 'videha
> mukti', unless one's prArabdha is exhausted.
> reg,
> sriram
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