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> > To be fair, Srinath ji will argue that earlier he was postulating the
> > *necessity of the knowledge* of pratiyogi for *knowing the difference*
> from
> > that object, whereas now he is *ruling out the necessity of the
> existence*
> > of the pratiyogi for the *existence* of bhedA with  it.
> >
> > ​
> Thanks for that interesting insight.
> ​ To make that statement, we can fairly assume that such bhedaH is
> knowable. How can existence of bhedaH with a non-existent pratiyogin be
> known until the non-existence of the pratiyogin is known?

I have learnt that Madhva has raised this question on the Advaitin's
'asadvilakṣaṇam' part of (sadasadvilakshanam) definition for a mithya
vastu. Since even Madhva has accepted his shukti-rajata to be atyanta asat,
like shasha vishana, this objection is applicable for them too.  See what
they have to say about their theory of error:

//The mAdhvas also introduce a new concept, i.e. that of a similar
entity, sadrisha,
that is a real entity, as explained below. What is to be noted is that
unreality is now of *two* types - adhyasta or superimposed, and tuchchha or
fictitious. An example of the adhyasta type is the silver that is
superimposed on nacre during an illusion or a snake that is superimposed on
a piece of rope. An example of the tuchchha entity is, of course, a hare's
horn (shashashringa), a chimera that never exists. It is important to note,
right at the outset that according to Vyasatirtha's definition, there are
*two* types of unreality (falsity), namely the adhyasta and the tuchchha
(alIka). So neither a superimposed object such as silver on nacre nor a
hare's horn exist at any time at any place. They are both considered as

See for more details here, an old post by Sri Anand Hudli:



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