[Advaita-l] Previous Kali Yugas in Shastras?

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Bhaskar ji,

Santhosh Rao was asking about the 'previous' Kali yuga-s.  We admit four
yugas, as a set, keep occurring in a rotation. This is called one
chatur-yuga. He was asking about the Kali yuga of  the previous chatur
yugas.  Is there any talk about the kali yuga of the earlier chatur yuga in
any of the scriptural works.  I think one possible place is the Briihad
Yoga Vasishtha where there is mention of 'many Ramayanas and Mahabharatas
have happened before'. This I guess is in the BhushunDa akyayika.


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> praNAms Sri Santosh prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> One of the reasons I reckon is,  there will not be talk about current /
> present yuga and in the current yuga i.e. kaliyuga there will be talk and
> references only about the previous yuga-s.  There might be  a talk /
> reference about kaliyuga,  deteriorating dharma and consequences of it in
> satya, treata and dvApara yuga-s.  There will be a preaching in those
> yugas' people like : see the fate of kaliyuga due to dharma bAhira
> krutya-s, don’t do like that etc. Just a wild guess:-) The true reason I
> donot know.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
> Namaskara,
> In the shastras we see events from previous yugas in previous eons
> described in detail, why don't we see any events from previous kali yugas
> similarly described? Is it because in kali yuga there are no righteous
> people left to record and pass down tradition? Or is there another reason?
> Santosh
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