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Dear Friends,                          It is my childhood's thrust to inquire, know about different people and their realization stories,  the same activity was maintained out of my inner research activity. Although information may be available in books, web sites, my objective of giving the details of the self-realized souls is to know about their works and how they have reached that enlightenment so that we can become a drop in the ocean at least.
KABIR: From the lotus mouth of swami sri sivanandaji maharajKabir was born in varansi (1440-1519). asmentioned in Kabir Ka Santi & died at Maghar near Gorakhpur. He was found lying as a child in the lake calledLahar Talao near Kashi on a leaf of lotus. Here he was found by Niru, achildless Mohammedan weaver who was going with his wife Nima to attend afunction in a neighbouring village. They took compassion on the forsaken baby.They took him to their home and there they brought him up as their own child. AKazi was called in to give the child a name. The Kazi told Niru that the childwas a demon and should be killed immediately. A miracle happened. The knife wasplunged into the heart of the child. No drop of blood came out. Kabir uttered averse which made them understand that he was not ordinary flesh and blood. Thenthe name 'Kabir' was given to the child. The word 'Kabir' means 'great' in theArabic language. Also some of the people interprets like 'Ka' means Water & Vir means a hero or simply a person who has crossed the jalatatwa as he was found floating on the water.
 Kabirseems to have been of Hindu parentage, though adopted and brought up as aMohammedan. It is said that he was born of a Brahmin girl-widow, who, to hideher shame, left the child in the lake. But in a stanza, Kabir denies his ownconception in a womb. He says that he was grew up withoutfood. His adopted parents became very anxious about him. Then he began to drinkthe milk of a calf which yielded milk daily in a miraculous manner. Thelife of Kabir is shrouded in mystery and it is beyond the facts that he was a weaver, born of poverty-strickenparents, that he lived at Kashi during the reign of Sikander Lodi, that he was thedisciple of the great religious reformer, Vaishnava Saint, Ramananda, and that he himself was theGuru of a number of distinguished disciples.Kabir was very much religiously inclined. He was of areflective disposition. He had very often his mystic moods. Even in hischildhood he engaged himself in discussions about God with Sadhus. He receivedand served Sadhus and Sannyasins with intense devotion and faith. Though hisfoster father got him married, Kabir was not attached to home and family. Heused to roam about the holy city of Kashi.He earned his livelihood from the loom.Kabir'sinitiation:Kabirremained for a long time without a Guru. He wanted to become the disciple ofRamananda. As he was a Mohammedan, he doubted whether Ramananda would accepthim as his disciple. One day, he went and hid himself on the steps of the Ghatof the Ganga to which Ramananda used to come every morning totake his bath. That day, the great preacher, Ramananda came to bathe as usual.It was dark. Ramananda did not see the sleeping Kabir. He placed his feet uponKabir's chest. As soon as he found out that he had trodden upon a human body,he cried out 'Ram...Ram...' Kabir started up and said, "I have found himat last." He fell at the feet of Ramananda and said, "Thou thy has givenme the word of initiation and I am thy disciple now." Ramananda was struckwith the sincerity and devotion of Kabir and accepted him as his disciple.Kabir was formally initiated by the great teacher. Kabirjoined in the theological and philosophical disputes which his master held withall the great Mullahs and Brahmins of his day. A famous Brahmin named Sarvajit,who was well versed in logic, came to Kashi. The Pundits of Kashi informedRamananda of the arrival of the learned Brahmin and told him that no one coulddefeat the erudite logician. Ramananda sent Kabir to argue with him. Theorthodox Pundit asked: "O Kabir! What is your caste?" Kabir replied,"I am a weaver." and they made his life miserable to his abnormal intelligence and not being a member of their group.Kabirbegan to attract a large number of people. Many became his disciples. They allgathered round him-at the loom or in the marketplace to listen to his sweet,soul-stirring and sublime songs and inspiring discourses. Mysterious are theways of prophets and saints! They preach silently. Wise men only are profitedby their teachings. They only can really understand them. Kabir preached theunity of men and creeds. The orthodox Brahmins of Kashi tried their level bestto pull him down. They sent a young and beautiful courtesan to tempt Kabir, butlike the Magdalene of Biblical story, she was converted by the spiritual powerof Kabir. 
Kabirwas an exponent of Nirguna Bhakti.Hehad supreme love for all. He was exceedingly kind and compassionate. He wasfearless. He never asked anybody to follow him. He roamed about the countrysinging his songs. He condemned all formalities and ritualism. He made avehement criticism of conventions. He was a social revolutionary. He also endeavouredstrenuously for the social, moral and spiritual uplift of the people. That isthe reason why he still lives in the heart of all people..............Continued next 

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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