[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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> Agreed. I am not saying the Atma's perception is lost in deep sleep (for
> the shruti itself says नहि द्रष्टुर्दृष्टेर्विपरिलोपो विद्यते), I am saying
> ignorance of the nature of agrahaNam is not perceivable. Its presence can
> only be inferred by its effects.  We infer its presence because its effects
> are seen later - in the waking and dream states. As we are satkAryavAdins,
> we hold that those effects must have be present in a causal state in deep
> sleep.

The agrahana rupa ajnanam for the jiva is explicitly admitted in the
Mandukya Upanishad bhashya. While (tattva) agrahanam is in all three
states, till the jiva gets mukti, the anyathaagrahanam (perceiving objects)
in waking and dream is there only in these two states. In sushupti it is
obviously not there. It is only this ajnanam that Shankara is denying in
deep sleep.  The agrahanam is the bija for anyathaagrahanam.  That bija is
well admitted to be present in sushupti.  The Karikas and bhashya for this
is already supplied in this thread.



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