[Advaita-l] Two Advaitic verses with a profound combined purport

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Strctly speaking since Brahman alone is, was and will be, the adhyasa/kalpana of jivatvam implies the mithyatva of jiva wholesale. Na nirodho na chotpattih....teaches that the paramarthataa is no creation, no dissolution, etc. and hence no jiva who is in bondage, later liberated etc.  Some Acharyas have accepted the mithyatva of jiva itself.

If it is said that jivatvam is mithya and not the jiva, we can also say 'jagattvam' alone is mithya and not the jagat. For, the sattva, chittva and priyatva obtaining in the jagat is not sublated as these are Brahman; only the name-form of jagat is negated. Brahman alone appears as the jiva-jagat.
We can also observe that jiva-jagat constitutes the observer-observed duality.  Since Brahman alone is the substratum of both these, it would be best to place both these on the same footing for negating using the same kind of samanadhikaranyam. The Vishnu puranam verse I cited is a fine example.

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

One of the rarest of rare occasions that we are on the same platform 😊  I  completely agree with you prabhuji.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!

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