[Advaita-l] Whether the question of creation from Brahman is valid

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Jul 4 06:01:12 EDT 2019

"How can the world come about from nishkriya Brahman" - is it a valid question in Advaita VedAnta? The confusion arises because this process of "coming about" - in whichever manner - must necessarily involve change which will contradict the nishkriyatva and changelessness of Brahman.

So my doubt is - whether this question itself is permissible to be asked in Advaita VedAnta. My point is that this question is impermissible.

Hare Krishna

Further, I am just wondering, if the necessity of brahma kAraNatva for the jagat being doubted and questioned, we have to doubt about jeeva-s existence as well because after all the basic enquiry and clarification  of vedAnta is about real nature of the individual souls (jeevAtma) his bondage / release, his janana / maraNa and means of release from this birth and death cycle, after realizing his true nature his traces of avidya, his own prArabdha karma, his own continuity in his own BMI and mukhya mukti after shedding his physical sheath  etc. etc. don’t you think all these presupposes creation ??  If this fundamental structure (srushti) itself being doubted / questioned where there is any need to find answer to all these queries??  So, I reckon the vyApti of your question is too big and it is better to conclude na nirOdhO na chOtpattiH na cha sAdhakaH neither mumukshu nor mukta what is there really and ultimately is one without second (ekamevAdviteeyaM).  And according to this ultimate truth,  ironically I have to say you, your question, the answer, the answerer me, the process of answering  etc. etc. do not exist at all and what exist is only THAT !!!

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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