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> Hi Sir,
> I remember this where you have written an article on this.
> https://adbhutam.wordpress.com/2019/01/12/vishnu-donning-the-bhasma-tripundra-meditates-on-shiva-harivamsha/
> Just like Rudra Pasupathi Nayanar, Kannappa Nayanar also followed the
> steps of Maha Vishnu.
> He was ready to pluck both of his eyes out to prove his devotion to Parama
> Shiva which Vishnu also did. This has been stated all over the Puranas,
> Upanishads and Sastras.
> *Harivamsha:*
> yatra lebhe harishchakramupAsya bahubhirdinaiH ||3-84-11
> puShkaraiH shatapatraishcha netreNa cha jagatpatim |
> Hari (viShNu) obtained his chakra after serving the lord of the universe
> (shiva) for many days, with blue lotuses and lotuses with hundred petals
> and also with his eyes
> Likewise, if we check all the stories of Nayanars and the things they did
> to please Parama Shiva we will be able to find that would have been done by
> Maha Vishnu in the Puranas.
> Vishnu is the first Nayanar.

Just as Shiva is the Parama Bhaagavata.

All this only go to reiterate what Sridhara Swamin said in his invocation
to the Bhagavata commentary:

माधवोमाधवावीशौ सर्वसिद्धिविधायिनौ। वन्दे परस्परात्मानौ परस्परनुतिप्रियौ॥

I bow to Mādhava and Umādhava (Shiva) who are both 'Isha-s' Supreme Lords. They
are capable of bestowing all accomplishments (to their devotees). They are
both the selves of each other and both love to engage in the stuti of each

And what Veda Vyasa has said in the Mahabharata:
रुद्रो नारायणश्चैव सत्त्वमेकं द्विधा कृतम्।
लोके चरति कौन्तेय व्यक्तिस्थं सर्वकर्मसु।। 12-350-27a 12-350-27b.

[Rudra and Narayana are only two manifestations of One Principle.......]

In Tamil there is an expression: ஓருயிரும் ஈருடலும்...  One life force and
two bodies...


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