[Advaita-l] On the need for the jivanmukta to "act"

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Hare Krishna

Dear Sir,                To conclude my inputs in this thread, one of the western followers of Ramanamaharshi mentioned in his books that:The Archer has released the arrows and he has  no control over it as they are alreadydischarged. It comes to rest only whenits momentum is exhausted. The liberated sage (Jnani) must keep up this body as long asthe momentum of Prarabdha Karmas lasts. When the Prarabdha Karmas is exhaustedthe body falls off and he attains Videha-Mukti / salvation.

>  infact bhAshyakAra himself says this.  Even after samyak jnana jnAni would continue to pravrutti-s through his indriya-s..(samyAkjnAnaprAptAvapi avashyaMbhAvinee pravruttiH vAngmanaHkAyAnAM - in bruhadAraNyaka).  So, there is no doubt WE the ajnAni-s still see the jnAni in his body, we the ajnAni-s still see the 'actions' through dehendriyamanObuddhi ahamkara of the jnAni.  Shankara in Geeta bhAshya says his bhikshAtaNa etc. is the action ONLY in the view of loukika-s ( lOka vyavahAra sAmAnya darshanena tu loukikaiH ) It is because we the loukika-s cannot think beyond jnAni's BMI.  The individuality of the jnAni (jeevatva / parichinnatva) his individual BMI (independent set of upAdhi) his prArabdha pertaining to his individuality (jeevatva) his remnants of  ignorance and resultant rAga-dvesha ( avidyA lesha) etc. etc. are the explanations given to those who is not capable enough to think beyond BMI.  In the jnAni's view point or from the paramArtha drushti there is jnana only no jnAni as an individual and socalled jnAni has the realization that he was / is / will ever be ashareeri only.  For the onlookers he looks like sashareeri  (shareeravAn eva lakshyate) but in reality he is ashareeri only.  Ofcourse, ashareeratvam is what Atma svarUpa.  parichinnatvaM or jeevatvaM is talamalAdi parikalpitaM says kArika.  Hence muktAvastha is getting rid of this wrong notion (adhyAsa) that he is sashareeri.  When this knowledge dawns jeeva is no more jeeva he is brahman here in this very life NOT after shedding his mortal coil.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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