[Advaita-l] On the need for the jivanmukta to "act"

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praNAms Sri Kameshwara Rao prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Although in the sited example of 'Prahlada', Ultimately he is kings son, he has to rule the underworld as a duty, so vishnu might have instructed him to do so although he is liberated at that moment.
My interpretation in this case : Since in one way he is responsible for his father's  i.e Hiranyakasipa's death (what ever may be the reason). Although Hiranyakasipa praised his son after seeing vishnu in the narasimha-rupa. In simple terms, both Prahlada & Hiranyakasipa share the same sukshma sarira (being the father  & son) , Prahlada was liberated at that moment with that body but he got that from his father. In one way or other little sin might be adhered to him for the responsibility of his father's death. So 'Vishnu' being the superpower may  be keeping this point in mind, might have instructed 'Prahlada' to rule the underworld so that he can get ridd off anything which is accumulated.
I don't know my words rightly placed or not or to comment on 'Bhagavattoma-Prahlada' , just i thought like this by seeing the entire scenario.

>  Just on the lighter side, you have used the word 'underworld' twice, my mind influenced by seeing Kannada  films, started to wonder how parama bhagavatOttama prahlAda could become an underworld king that too with god's grace 😊  Anyway, coming back to issue above, there is a reference in sUtra bhAshya with reference to gradations in mukta jeeva-s, those jeeva-s in the elite  club have the special privilege to incarnate again to uplift the jeeva-s still in ajnAna, the instruction they would get with regard to this is from svayaM 'paramAtma'.  Other ordinary mukta jeeva-s after realization will not get rebirth.  This apAntaratama-s like jeeva-s would drag their remaining prArabdha to incarnate as per the instructions from paramAtma.  So, ultimate decision taking authority with regard to subsequent janma-s of certain jeeva-s pertains to 'paramAtma'.  Here in the above case, it is paramAtma's (narasiMha)  instruction to prahlAda (the mukta jeeva) to continue to rule the world.  And in next janma hanumanta, then as Bheema sena ( one among pAndava-s) and then madhvA if I am right according to madhva sampradaya 😊   In short what does it tell us in upa siddhAnta ??  Even after paripUrNa jnana jeeva-s would continue to maintain different gradations, some are elevated ones and some others are normal ones.  The elevated ones still have to obey the instructions of paramAtma the supreme commander of all types of jeeva who is karmAdhyaksha and karma phala dAta.  Whether this is dvaita or Advaita !!??  I leave it to your discretion.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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