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We can end up saying: Even what is 'said' to be stated by Ramana is only ajnanis' imagination; in fact there is no person at all called Ramana, that is also ajnani's imagination. And the robbers raiding the Ashram, Ramana getting a blow or two from them, and what he said about it later, all are only imaginations of ajnani-s. They never happened at all.


praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Yes, if you ask me, coz. ramaNa himself saying this :


For the jnani, there is neither scriptures nor prarabdha. Questions like this have no relevance for the jnani. All these rules in the scriptures were created only for the ajnanis [those who are not enlightened].


So, it is a difficult pill to swallow, for those who literally  teaching about jnAni’s body, his movement, his rAga-dvesha, his prArabdha, his avidyA lesha ( a big and dangerous tumor ) even after paripUrNa jnana and insisting that these are al NOT  in the eyes of ajnAni-s who can never ever be able to look beyond the BMI of the jnAni.  Even  your recent quote about ramaNa’s acceptance of existence of jnAni’s BMI is just to pacify the onlooker who is expecting the change in the ‘body’ of the jnAni after realization.  Yes, in a way all the above what you quoted mere imagination of the conditioned mind and the sampradaya says in another prakaraNa about  imaginary wet dreams and its real results or dream’s unreal tiger’s roaring and waker’s real increased heart beats 😊  Anyway, IMO, most of the times, it seems ramaNa emphasizes the fact that jnAni's body is ONLY in the view of onlookers...In all the quotes ramaNa never ever insisted the individual set of indriya-s & reflected chaitanya etc. For that matter in one of his talkings,  ramaNa explained how it is only onlookers view  with regard to jnAni 'avoiding the table on the path of walking'...working of jnAni without mind like clock..etc..This clearly shows he is insisting that jnAni is devoid of any limited adjuncts.  Here is another quote from raMaNa ( quoted by Sri Mouna prabhuji in advaitin list) :


a visitor asked Bhagavan, “The
realised man has no further karma. He is not bound by his karma.
Why should he still remain with his body?” Bhagavan replied,
“Who asks this question? Is it the realised man or the ajnani?
Why should you bother what the jnani does or why he does
anything? You look after yourself.” A little later he added, “You
are under the impression you are the body. So you think the
jnani also has a body. Does the jnani say he has a body? He
may look to you as having a body and doing things with the
body, as others do. The burnt rope still looks like a rope, but it
can’t serve as a rope if you try to bind anything with it. So long
as one identifies oneself with the body, all this is difficult to
understand. That is why it is sometimes said in reply to such
questions, ‘The body of the jnani will continue till the force of
prarabdha works itself out, and after the prarabdha is exhausted
it will drop off. An illustration made use of in this connection is
that of an arrow already discharged which will continue to
advance and strike its target. But the truth is the jnani has
transcended all karmas, including the prarabdha karma, and
he is not bound by the body or its karmas.”


I am not saying anything new here nor you are hearing afresh.  So my last mail on this thread.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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