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Subject: How indeed can Brahma jnanam eradicate jiva's samsara?
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 The very fact that Badarayana wants Brahma jijnasa to be undertaken
implies that 'Only on the condition that the jiva is in truth Brahman, the
knowledge of Brahman can be said to dispel samsara.' How is this? All
schools accept that the idea of oneself being the body-mind complex is an
adhyasa. Therefore samsara is due to this fundamental adhyasa: taking the
body to be the Atman. This is due to one's not knowing one's true svarupam.
Now, if this situation is to be remedied, one logically has to get to know
who one is. But the Brahmasutra says 'enquiry into Brahman is to be
undertaken.' How can Brahma jnanam eradicate samsara? If I am ignorant of a
pot, I should get to know the pot and not the cloth. Cloth knowledge will
not remedy pot-ignorance. Brahma jnana cannot dispel Atma vishayaka
ajnanam. Thus, the undeniable implication of Badarayana is: the Jiva is in
truth Brahman. Only on this condition and on no other condition can Brahma
jnanam dispel Atma ajnana engendered samsara. Therefore it is only the
Advaita Bhashya that is the true commentary of the Brahma sutras. The
tenets of Brahma satyam jagat mithya jivo brahmaiva na aparah is eminently
established in the sutras.

 ‘शास्त्रदृष्ट्या तूपदेशो वामदेववत्’ (ब्र. सू. १ । १ । ३०)  Here the sutra
teaches the identity of jiva is Brahman.

‘तदनन्यत्वमारम्भणशब्दादिभ्यः’ (ब्र. सू. २ । १ । १४)  This sutra teaches
that the world has no existence apart from its cause Brahman.

These are only indicative; many other sutras too establish the Advaitic
tenet of: brahma satyam, jagat mithya, jiva brahmaiva..

Om Tat Sat

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