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> Namaste.
> I dont exactly know in depth regarding the tat tvam asi and madhwas,but I
> remember on the adbuthams blog ,subu sir had a long discussion with a
> madhwa in this topic. Hope he can shed some light on this.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei1ha9nZ9P8      This video has a
discussion in Kannada on the Tat tvam asi.  The first comment on that page
gives one the Advaitic view of the opinions stated in the video.


> Thank you
> Namo narayanaya
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>> Thank you for the explanation, Sri Kaushik. It certainly seems to be a
>> valuable teaching in dvaita vyavahara, where the 'tvam' is taken to be the
>> individual Jiva that identifies as Svetaketu and as different from other
>> individuals. This Jiva-Paramatma bheda is required for surrendering to the
>> Paramatma and letting go of one's ego which is a source of desires.
>> However, I still wonder how such a teaching of "That is the Atma, That you
>> are not." ties up with the initial part of the discussion. The discussion
>> starts with Svetaketu coming back from Gurukulam with a pride of knowing
>> everything, to which his father asks if he has ever heard the teaching by
>> which one hears what cannot be heard, by which one perceives what cannot
>> be
>> perceived, by which one knows what cannot be known. His father later
>> expands on it by saying that this teaching is similar to how by knowing a
>> clod of clay all things made of clay are known, or how by knowing a gold
>> nugget all things made of gold are known, etc. I wonder how the dvaitins
>> could possibly justify that "That is Atma, That you are not" is such a
>> type
>> of teaching.
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>> > Namaste.
>> > The madhwas propose "atat tvam asi" because shvetaku was initially full
>> of
>> > pride. To remove this pride his father tells him his not the supreme
>> entity
>> > rather he is always under the control and mercy of it.
>> > This is the response given by them.
>> >
>> > Namo narayanaya
>> >

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