[Advaita-l] adhikara for jivanamukti

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praNAms Sri Chandramouli prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I did not respond earlier as I waited to see what references  Sri Jaldhar Ji would furnish. I am  citing below some references in this context. I am really not entering into any discussions on this issue as this has already been discussed quite a few times, possibly with the same participants. But I am not sure if the following references were cited earlier.

>  Yes I too remember either in this group or in Advaitin group  we have comprehensively discussed the role of Ashrama sannyasa in achieving Advaita jnana / mukti.  If I am right Dr. Shyam then chief moderator of the Advaitin group too actively participated alongwith others to show that as per shankara Ashrama sannyasa is must for the mumukshu-s for mOksha quoting extensively from geeta bhAshya.  And we have also discussed about jnAni's vidvat sannyasa and ajnAni mOkshArthi's vividisha sannyasa, gruhasthas' karmaphala tyAga rUpa sannyasa etc.  How janakAdi kings though karma sannyasa is natural for them after jnana but continued in karma for lOka saMgraha and how a jnAni sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances (like taking care of his ailing aged parents, avoiding the shishya ninda etc.) would continue to engage in karma without taking the formal Ashrama sannyasa etc.  And how anyAshrami-s and shUdra-s like vidhura, dharmavyAdha etc. achieved this jnana even though they don’t have adhikAra to take sannyasa etc.  And we also discussed how explicitly bhAshyakAra says there is chance of jnAnOdaya for the gruhastha-s.  So, IMHO there is no need for any charvita charvaNa now.  I still hold my stand (ofcourse based on bhAshyakAra's assurance) that for mOksha / jnana all the varNi-s (including stree shUdra) and all the four ashramites are eligible irrespective of their caste.  If they are sincere mumukshu-s they would get the jnana when their efforts are ripe.  While agreeing that for the jignAsu Ashrama sannyasa is more conducive for doing the jnana sAdhana it would be worthy to note that kevala Ashrama sannyasa sveekAra cannot guarantee us mOksha and paramArtha jnana is not any "ashrama adheena".  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!

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