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On Tue, 13 Sep 2022, Bhaskar YR via Advaita-l wrote:

>>  Yes I too remember either in this group or in Advaitin group we have
>>  comprehensively discussed the role of Ashrama sannyasa in achieving
>>  Advaita jnana / mukti.

You keep referring to ashrama sannyasa but the ashrama part (danda, kesari 
vastra etc.) is not the important part, the sannyasa (of all karma) is. 
The ashrama part is for the reason Krishna Bhagavan explains in Gita 
3.22-23.  Foolish people emulate the behaviour which may be appropriate 
for some but not appropriate for themselves.  The wise person soberly does 
what is appropriate for himself even if that might not be his top 

>I still hold my stand
>>  (ofcourse based on bhAshyakAra's assurance) that for mOksha / jnana
>>  all the varNi-s (including stree shUdra) and all the four ashramites
>>  are eligible irrespective of their caste.

By eligible, do you mean eligible to try or eligible to achieve.  Because 
these are two different things.

>  If they are sincere
>>  mumukshu-s they would get the jnana when their efforts are ripe.

And the efforts will not be ripe in this lifetime for all those who try. 
sometimes it might be prudent for such people to adopt an alternative 
course which will still get them to the goal merely at a different pace.

>>  While agreeing that for the jignAsu Ashrama sannyasa is more conducive
>>  for doing the jnana sAdhana it would be worthy to note that kevala
>>  Ashrama sannyasa sveekAra cannot guarantee us mOksha and paramArtha
>>  jnana is not any "ashrama adheena".

Nothing in life is guaranteed but from a practical point of view we can 
say what is more likely to succeed and what is not.

In theory anyone can become a professional basketball player.  Some will 
need a lot of practice, some due to their natural talents will need only a 
little but the person who is short, clumsy and out of shape will be very 
unlikely to be accepted even if the most ardent basketball fan.

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